About Us

Williams & Company Consulting Inc., a management consulting firm since 1929, began providing Environmental Management services in 1989.
Our experienced staff is comprised of environmental engineers, geologists, hydrologists, chemists, an attorney and project managers who have supervised a wide variety of environmental activities.
We have extensive experience with both Federal and State environmental agencies. Currently, Williams & Company Consulting, Inc. provides the overall administration of program services for the Missouri Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund (PSTIF) and the Illinois Drycleaner Environmental Response Trust Fund. Williams & Company Consulting, Inc. provided the same services for the Iowa Underground Storage Tank Program from 1989 to 2000, at which time it moved to a private insurer.


Williams & Company Consulting, Inc. offers a unique understanding of our clients.
We know the ultimate impact of environmental liabilities on your organization, how that can affect your operation and how important it is to avoid excessive costs in managing these liabilities. Since 1989, Williams & Company has investigated, evaluated and resolved over 8,000 contaminated petroleum storage tank and drycleaner sites. Our staff members are experienced in conducting environmental field investigations to gather relevant facts in environmental cases. This allows us to expertly identify and evaluate exposures as well as provide guidance and assistance in the implementation of effective corrective action or other loss mitigation activities.

Cost Control

Williams & Company Consulting, Inc. will work efficiently and effectively to save you money.
Our Environmental Project Management staff will act quickly to implement early on-site control of incidents and execute the appropriate corrective actions necessary to minimize expense while fulfilling both State and Federal requirements. Being well versed in all remediation methodology, we can identify the most cost-effective way to get a “no further action letter” from the state regulation body. Our goal is to eliminate the potential for third-party claims by effectively mitigating the impact of an incident at the earliest time possible.

Williams & Company has a variety of cost saving procedures to save you time and money:

• Immediate response to your site in order to minimize the extent of pollution

• Negotiate with State and Federal regulators to recommend cost-effective alternatives

• Place a Williams & Company environmental specialist on site to provide contractor oversight

• Implement expedient reimbursement and settlement procedures, including identification of other responsible parties and recognition of third-party liability issues.